Keynote Speakers

Yi Jiang

Tsinghua University, China

1977 graduated from the building engineering department, Tsinghua Univ., Beijing. After two years work at a Chinese nuclear base, he entered Tsinghua Univ. as a master and then PhD degree student in the department of thermal energy. He obtained PhD degree in thermal physics in 1985. From 1985 he is a faculty member of Tsinghua University. He had worked at the Building Research Establishment of the UK for one year from 1988 as an attached research worker. He has involved a number of international collaboration projects such as IEA ECBCS (Energy conservation in Building and Community System) Annex 21, Annex 25, and Annex 34 etc. He is currently the vote member of the ECBCS exec. Committee, co-chair of the Annex 53,operation agency of the Annex 59.

He is a professor of Tsinghua University and the head of the Building energy research centre, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineer. He is the member of the China energy consultant committee under the State council, the member of the China climate change consultant committee. His major research field is building energy efficiency. He is the chief editor of Chinese building energy efficiency annual report. He has obtained four national science awards for control of district heating system, liquid desiccant air-process, in-directive evaporation cooling and building energy simulation (DeST) respectively.