Keynote Speakers

Pega Hrnjak

University of Illinois (ACRC) and CTS, USA

Professor Hrnjak is Co-Director of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center (ACRC) at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. He is also a founder, owner and president of 50 engineers strong Creative Thermal Solutions (CTS), a vibrant research company that bridges ACRC activities (precompetitive research in function of education) and industry. He is fellow of SAE, ASME, ASHRAE, was on the board of Directors of IIAR and is editor or member of the boards of several professional scientific journals. He is recipient of Gustav Lorentzen, J&E Hall and Rittinger medals among other awards.

Pega joined the University of Illinois in 1993. His research focus is on energy conversion systems, microchannel heat exchanges, natural and synthetic refrigerants with applications: space, air, automotive, stationary, unitary, commercial, and industrial.

Pega got formal education from the University of Belgrade where he started academic career from RA to Assist. Professor. He also worked at Technical University of Denmark, University of Missouri Rolla, etc.

He published over 300 technical papers, 100 reports, gave over 100 invited lectures, wrote several chapters in books, graduated over 90 PhD and MS students.